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Privacy Policy
Disruptive Mobile Tech uses data (but does not collect or store in any fashion) to work correctly to provide you the best user experience with our applications and websites. You provide some of this data directly, such as when you submit a form in an application or a webview interface, submit a search query to the land area calculator app or contacting us for support. No information submitted via any browser objects are used by or for Disruptive Mobile Tech.. The only purpose or intent of data input is for the application to function correctly. 

We do not use personal data
We don't use personal data. No data is collected for use by Disruptive Mobile Tech except for the application to function or when submitting an email to support. None of your data will ever be housed or sold. No data collected via the land area calculator will be stored. No heuristics are used to ascertain any information in regards to the persons home location or otherwise. We have absolutely no interest in any data submitted via these searches. Further questions about data sent to the Zillow api (a technology used by the Land Area Calculator) should be directed to Zillow support as the inner workings of that api are a "black box" and furthermore probably use undisclosed , patented, or otherwise proprietary technologies that I will not attempt to reverse engineer and explain as they are the intellectual property of Zillow. 

The same is true for any browser objects used in these applications. The browser object was not designed by Disruptive Mobile Tech. The browser objects used in the Sharper Image Landscaping application and the Split Screen Browser or Split Screen Surfing applications are simply bolt-ons. Truthfully they were designed by Microsoft and any questions about the inner workings of that object and privacy management therein should be directed to Microsoft. I will not attempt to reverse engineer or explain the core functionality of this object as it is a "black box" and likely contains undisclosed, patented, or otherwise proprietary technologies and such technologies are the intellectual property of Microsoft. 

We do not share personal data
We do not share personal data

Cookies & Similar Technologies
We do not use cookies for determining any information about a person. No cookies are stored or housed anywhere by Disruptive Mobile Tech.. If you are using an application that contains a browser object such as the Sharper Image Landscaping LLC application, this application only uses cookies, if at all, to function correctly for the purpose of viewing the embedded website. There is no desire to retain any information from the user except what may be sent via support emails to Disruptive Mobile Tech or Sharper Image Landscaping in order to provide quality service to the customer. 

If you have any questions you may submit your concerns to Disruptive Mobile Tech via the connect menu on this web page. 

Thanks for your time!